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Cosmic rays, solar activity have greater impact on climate models

The science on climate change is settled? 97 percent of all scientists agree?

Apparently, it is all not so cut and dry as we thought. ‘The impact of changes in solar activity on Earth’s climate was up to seven times greater than climate models suggested according to new research published today in Nature Communications.’This is what the Australian reports today. These findings seem to fit with the empirical evidence over the past several centuries: the Medieval Warm Period around 1000 AD and the Little Ice Age from 1300 to 1900 AD.

The article states that climate over the last 10,000 years correlates with solar activity. That makes a lot of sense to me. However, when it continues to speak about time scales of millions of years, then it must conclude that there are much larger changes in the cosmic rays that has nothing to do with solar activity.

Trying to understand what I read here, I believe they just want to say that science has a hard time saying anything with any certainty about anything that is considered to be longer ago than 10,000 years. Why? I know the answer. But it is not politically correct to say it.

Read the article in The Australian here, or read the original article in Nature Communications here.