US House Memo released: Crime or not?

On Friday, 2 February, the House of Congress in the USA released a controversial memo about practices of the FBI, concerning surveillance / wiretapping one of candidate and later President Trump’s team members. The release of this memo was preceded by heated discussions in the committee and between members of the House, as well as in the media. President Trump had the right to stop the release of this memo but decided that he had no objection. The FBI desperately tried to prevent the release, understandably because it is very critical about the way in which the FBI obtained a warrant for the surveillance of an American citizen, Mr. Page.

Also the Democrats were desperate to prevent the release, also understandable because according the memo they were the ones who paid for the report, that was used by the FBI to obtain a warrant. It is alleged in the report that the FBI obtained a warrant based on this report, without mentioning to the judge that the report was produced by someone who was, indirectly, paid by the Democratic Party. The Democrats paid the company Fusion GPS, and this company hired a British spy, Steele, to come up with ‘dirt’ about Mr. Trump or his team colluding with the Russians in order to win the elections.

Different media outlets come with different reports about the memo. According to the one (FoxNews) it is the smoking gun which shows that some at the top in the FBI engaged in criminal acts, together with the Democratic Party, and suggest that also officials of the Obama administration were probably involved. This should discredit the entire Mueller investigation in the involvement of Russia in the U.S. election campaign for president.

According to others (e.g. CNN), there is not much in the memo and what is in it is incomplete or not true.

Also, if you read news outlets outside the U.S.A., they will report whatever fits in their opinion about president Trump. Some will present it as wholly fabricated by the Republican Party to distract the attention from Trump to the Democratic Party. Some will see this as vindication of President Trump.  Others are not as biased and try to assess what the impact of this memo will be.

It is important not to base our opinions on what media outlets report. First of all, what is in the memo? The text of the memo, preceded by a letter of no objection on behalf of the President, is published here. 

The question is: is it a crime for the FBI not to provide essential information to a judge in order to obtain a warrant? That is a question I cannot answer. The lawyers will have to look into that and possibly a judge will ultimately have to answer this question.

But even if it is not criminal, then still it can be asked if it is ethical. The Mueller investigation is prosecuting one of the former members of Trump’s team because he would have lied to the FBI. How credible is the FBI still, if it more or less lies to a judge (or at least withholds vital information)? Is the FBI allowed to deceive, while at the same time it is investigating someone for deceiving the FBI?

Unfortunately, the question if it is ethical, is not important anymore, these days. All those supporting the Democrats will say that it is ethical, those who support Trump will deny that it is ethical. They all create their own ethics.

And in this all, the people are being deceived. This again shows how totally corrupt politics has become. And again, this was one of the main reasons Trump was elected as President. He was not part of the Washington elite and it was hoped that he would be able to clean up the mess.

Let us hope and pray that Trump did and does not engage in the same corrupt acts as so many of the Washington elite have been doing so far. Of course, the Democrats as well as the media which support them, will do whatever they can to prove that Trump is corrupt. The Mueller investigation is one attempt. So far it hasn’t yielded much proof yet, after more than a year already.

President Trump is the official President of the U.S.A. and as such a government ordained by God. He, as well as all others called to govern in the U.S.A., just as anywhere else, need the prayers of Christians. Let us respect the government.