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Attempt to church unity in the Netherlands

In June of this year, after severing the ties with the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands, Synod Bunbury of the Free Reformed Churches of Australia (FRCA) decided to maintain contact with two small church federations in the Netherlands. These churches are usually referred to with the acronyms DGK and GKN. DGK stands for De Gereformeerde… Continue reading Attempt to church unity in the Netherlands


Meditation: Exodus 36 & 37

Reading: Exodus 36:8-18; 37:1,2. In Exodus 26-28 God commands Israel to build the holy tabernacle, furniture and the priests’ garments, according to His design. God’s instructions are very detailed and precise, including measurements, materials, colours, technical items (26:17). God fills Bezalel with the Holy Spirit’s wisdom, understanding and knowledge to build and supervise the construction… Continue reading Meditation: Exodus 36 & 37