Education Gems

Everyone wears an invisible crown

Everyone is special… everyone wears an invisible crown. This is a message on the front of a Christmas card which came through the mail. With the celebration of Christmas, we focus on the beginning of the earthly stage of the journey of the Son of Man, as He proceeded through the cross to receive the crown. And there is truth in this for God’s children, as through the same cross, we have become heirs of royalty!

Now, there are a couple of lessons we can take from the above saying. The obvious message is: You are royalty, so act like royalty. That is a good message for each and every one. For our children, we nurture them to grow into the role of royalty, providing both the expectation as well as the support. As they mature, they understand that behaviours reflect what’s in the heart, and poor behaviour is no longer a matter of ignorance, but a matter of disobedience.

The second message is more focused on the way we relate to each other. Imagine if the invisible crown on our heads became visible, just for a day. Imagine that everyone understood that the crown was the common symbol that equalises those who wear it. Imagine that this crown would draw the attention away from differences to focus on similarities. Would our teachers deal with students differently?  Would our students be more respectful? Would our posts on Facebook be tempered? Where would the gossip be? Would we not be better engaged in reaching out? In demonstrating the love we have received to others?

That crown would cut through our attitudes toward those who we consider are not as good as us, who don’t quite make the grade in possessions, wealth, sporting prowess, sense of humour… and fill in the space for what applies. It would destroy our misconceptions about others. It would bring joy in another’s’ joy, patience in weaknesses, peace rather than division, kindness towards those on the outer, and gentleness in speech.

We all receive that invisible crown. It just takes a special set of eyes to see it.

We come to the end of the school year. We give thanks to God for the work which could be done. As much as it is done in weakness, we believe that He will bless it, as it is done in service for Him. Thank you for the support we received in our work. Thank you for taking the opportunity to discuss things of concern when they arose. Thank you for your ongoing prayer for God’s blessing in the education of your covenant children.

And so, to close with the words of the 2017 theme: it is such a wonderful thing to be able to experience The graceFULL covenant!

With Christian Greetings,
M Plug, Principal